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Play The Game

What is the project purpose? To encourage individuals within the community to take part in regular sport and fitness sessions and the reduce number of people who are inactive.

Who can use this service? You must be the minimum 0f 15 years of age to access the sessions there is no upper age limit. All the sessions are free to register onto a session all the participants have to do is turn up to the session.

How can people access this service? There is no limit as to how many people can access the sessions or for more information contact Cath Blakeman on 01132773330 or email

Who works on this project

  • Sohail Raz sessions: Cricket, Volleyball and Badminton
  • Hassan Hussain sessions: Tag rugby, Tennis and multi sports
  • Noreen Ahmed session: Zumba
  • Nahida Khan session: circuit training and Legs bums and Tums
  • Ibraham Inamdar: Football

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