Murder’s on the Menu…Whodunnitt?

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Murder’s on the Menu…Whodunnitt?

Police tape, a chalk outline, a murder weapon and some good old fashioned ketchup all pointed towards a murder being on the menu, in the Hamara kitchen on Saturday 1st February. With the crime scene setup before pupils arrived at Hamara for another week at the supplementary school, they had no idea they would be spending their literacy lesson investigating a murder.

Journalist Aisha Iqbal from the Yorkshire Evening Post visited Hamara Supplementary School to deliver a workshop for a group of young and budding writers as part of their literacy topic. Aisha tasked the group of year 6 pupils the job of covering the murder story, developing their questioning and interview techniques and using the skills they had been learning about only in theory.

Year 6 Journalist in the making with Aisha Iqbal - YEP and Nazish Ansar - Hamara Tutor
Year 6 Journalist in the making with Aisha Iqbal – YEP and Nazish Ansar – Hamara Tutor

The class had been covering Journalistic writing for some weeks, reading and exploring articles and practicing writing skills. ‘A visit from a real life journalist seemed like a natural progression, so I got in touch with Aisha to help bring journalism to life and give the children a lesson they wouldn’t forget’ said Supplementary School Coordinator, Aisha Rashid.

Pupils were thrilled whilst being briefed on the lesson planned for the day and took their role really seriously. Equipped with notebooks and pens, they questioned key witnesses to get as much information as they could for their front page news story. The workshop was delivered really well and pupils learnt all about how a press conference is run, what information they need to obtain and how to lift a winning quote to make their story a success.

It was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to put into to practice what they had been learning and the pupils are looking forward to seeing themselves in the Yorkshire Evening post this Thursday. Nadhir, Age 10 said the workshop has helped me with my writing and Ameena, Aged 11 said ‘I got to know what real journalism is’. All the pupils were really excited and looking forward to writing up their news stories to be published in the Yorkshire Evening Post as soon as they were complete, as part of the papers commitment to making Leeds a Child Friendly City.

The workshop is the second of its kind for the Supplementary School, with a visit from the dentist being delivered for pupils in year 3 as part of their topic on Teeth and Healthy Eating. As a Child Friendly Leeds organisation itself, Hamara works hard to address the barriers that prevent children from engaging and enjoying leaning and fun and interactive sessions like these have helped to bring learning to life, raise pupil’s aspirations and develop a link between lessons, life skills and future employment.

Murder Mystery

Journalistic Writing Workshop

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  1. Zohra March 9, 2014 at 7:57 pm -

    Hi folks
    Well done!
    Hamara seems a highly buzzing place full of activities and achievers in different fields.
    I have been through all the pages and am thrilled to find that so much is going on for the community.
    I feel I should spare one day in your centre to see and meet people who are so active.

    At the same time I will invite everyone related to Hamara to visite our website http://www.inspiringpakistani and sign up for us.
    Thank you

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