Leeds Let’s Change: Cook 4 Life

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Leeds Let’s Change: Cook 4 Life

Hamara Cook 4 Life cooking courses – FAQ’s


What is a cook 4 life course?


Cook 4 Life courses are 4 week group cooking courses designed to teach basic cooking skills to help the people, prepare and cook, healthy, affordable meals. The courses are run from variety of venues across the city.


Who can use this service? 


Anyone over the age of 16 can access a Cook 4 Life course. Speak to our Health Team to find out what venues the courses are currently being ran from. The venues where cook 4 life courses are held are in community venues.


What will happen when I turn up at the activity? 


Once you have booked onto a Cook 4 Life course, you will be told where the course will be running and the start time. On the first sessions your cooking tutor will welcome you to the group and discuss what the course entails.


  • Will I be examined?



  • Will I have to fill in any forms?

    Yes – a form needs to be completed which includes contact details in case of emergency and some basic evaluation questions.


  • Will I have to take any medication?



  • Who will be there when I arrive? 

    On arrival you will meet one of our friendly cooking tutors and other group members


  • How will I be treated?  Will I be forced to do anything? 

    You will be treated with respect, courtesy and you will not be made to do anything you don’t want to do


  • Will there be a translator if I don’t speak English?

    Yes, a translator will be delivering the course or can be made available dependent on the language required.


How long will it last?  How often can I/do I need to go?


Each Cook 4 Life course last 4 weeks, you will be expected to attend once a week for 4 weeks on the same day. Each cooking session lasts 2 hours.


What equipment will I need?

All food for the cooking courses is provided, and you will not need to bring any equipment.


How much will it cost me?


All Cook 4 Life courses are provided free of charge.


What support can I get to use these services? 


  • Can I bring my support worker?

    Yes please let service know in advance to ensure enough chairs

  • Can I bring a friend/family member?

    Yes please let service know in advance to ensure enough chairs

  • Is there childcare?  Unfortunately, no


Who can I contact if I want more information, have any problems or if I don’t like the service or activity?


Hamara Healthy Living Centre

Health team

Provides 4 week cooking course in a variety of venue across Beeston, Harehills and Hunslet


(0113) 2773330

(0113) 2706903

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