The service is a city wide user led initiative based on the suggestions made by our volunteers, service users and results from our informal and formal consultations with the communities and in response to the National and local Health Inequalities agendas.

Our target audience is all communities who reside in Beeston and Harehills neighbourhoods which fall into the worst 10% nationally in Leeds.
The service aims to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of the health issues among the Asian and other minority communities. It particularly focuses on the risk factors such as Coronary Heart Disease, Diabetes and other illnesses which are prevalent disproportionally high in the South Asian communities.
The service takes a holistic approach to the individual and tackles factors that affect health and wellbeing and health inequalities, including wider determinants of ill health such as financial inclusion, Health through warmth, Housing etc.
The range of interventions/ services we provide include:
• Help people to adopt a healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices
• We can practically help people to give up Smoking, help with managing their weight, Alcohol and Drug abuse
• We can help people to manage their finances better
• One to One sessions on emotional Health and wellbeing
• Sign post people to and make referrals to agencies who can provide specialist help.
• Encourage and promote the uptake of Physical activities through the provision of Community Gym based on site and the provision of exercise classes for all abilities and capacities both at the centre and other facilities.
• Promote healthy eating and dietary habits by introducing improved food preparation methods, through cook and eat sessions, Community Cafe etc.
• Encourage community participation and community involvement by targeting those individuals who do not take part in community activities.
• Help establish links between the community, community groups and local health providers and other statuary services.
• Our Nationally recognised Health and wellbeing initiative,  run in conjunction with the local GPs and evaluated by Leeds university called “Active Life Style Scheme ”  which consists of a 12 week program combining Education and physical activity to empower and motivate participants to change their attitude and behaviour towards their Health.
• Provide health information in a religious and culturally sensitive environment in relevant languages.

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Contacts: The Health team on 0113 277 3330

Najeen Rasool –