Emotional Health & Well Being Case-Study

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Emotional Health & Well Being Case-Study


Name:  N.A

Gender: Female

Ethnic Origin: Pakistani

Age: 56

Occupation: Home-Maker

Venue: (Harehills)

Dates: 07/06/15 – 28/07/15

Mrs N.A is a 56 year old Pakistani Woman, who is married with 5 children and is currently finding it difficult to deal with a bereavement of losing a son in a car accident 8 months ago. She lives with her husband along with two of her children in the LS8 post code area of Harehills. Mrs N.A initially attended the ‘Aerobics’ sessions held at Bangladeshi Centre and was recruited as a parent who could benefit from attending. She initially came to me via the Leeds Change Event, however having spoken to the CAB advisor, the advisor found that Mrs N.A was suffering from anxiety and sleep deprivation problems. She was in desperate need to pick herself up and knew that her relationship with family members and close ones was being heavily affected.


“I can’t do anything anymore…’ was Mrs N.A immediate response when she initially embarked on the 7 week headspace programme, which Hamara delivered alongside Duncan from Oblong. This was a wake-up call for a stay at home mother who was struggling on, making ends meet. She had diagnosed herself as being depressed, although this was something that she had yet to have confirmed by the G.P. However, she was hooked on over the counter pain relief, which was extremely accessible as her. We looked at alternative holistic therapies she could be doing to overcome her anxiety, fears and the pressures she felt under. We incorporated some relaxation exercises into the PA programme, which she and others were able to continue in the comfort of their own homes. She benefited from information about methods to improve her sleep and felt more positive looking after her and her family’s health by having information on the Eat Well plate, physical activity and Change 4 Life messages which her children would also benefit from. She learned how best to manage issues in the future by:


  • Finding ways for her to use exercise to keep stress levels down
  • Learning how to relax

Good habits for keeping stress down

  • What habits could she do to create less stress for her and how we can change them?

Stress and relaxation

  • Finding ways for her to use exercise to keep stress levels down
  • Using positive thinking to be realistic about problems and not get stressed or panicky
  • Problem-solving ideas to deal with things that were stressing her

Valuing herself and others

  • Learning about self-esteem and how to value herself and her achievements

Assertiveness and resolving conflicts with friends, colleagues and family

  • How she could make sure other people didn’t walk all over her without seeming aggressive – finding a ‘middle way’ between anger and being taken advantage of.

Making plans for the future

  • Thinking about the future – setting goals for the next few years and taking small steps towards them.

Strategies for dealing with tough times and keeping going

  • We looked back over the sessions, choosing the most important lessons she had learned and working out where to go next.

After explaining the program in place in terms of monitoring her performance and tailoring it to her needs, we both agreed that she would definitely try taking baby steps with everything first and if she did not like it then she could stop. Then we would establish whether she was gaining anything from it. Some weeks she remained quiet in the group but was actively listening to what other participants were saying.

July 2015

Mrs N.A was called by Hamara following on from the programme and she told me she had ‘learnt skills for life’ that meant her sleep had improved and she had finally made an appointment with her G.P, who had referred her to speak to a counsellor. She said this was a complete lifestyle change for her and her family. Her confidence has increased and she is able to taken control of her life through having learned simple skills. She was happy to share what she had been experiencing and stated she had also taken up gardening: ‘I planted a pear tree in memory of my son and also completed a charity walk in aid of him’. Mrs N.A. also appeared in the Asian Express Newspaper talking about her participation in the walk.



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