Dementia Cafe

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Dementia Cafe

What is the project purpose?

The purpose is to raise awareness in the community about dementia and to support the individual and their family by providing a safe, warm, friendly, supportive environment for both the sufferer and the carer where they feel welcomed and part of the local community. We are working to become Dementia friendly by providing several memory cafes and activities specifically tailored to stimulate forgotten memories, managed by our well-trained staff;

Who can use this service? Anyone with dementia or someone who worries about their loss of memory, may attend unaccompanied where appropriate, or with a member of family,

How can people access this service?

This is offered as an open service so no pre-booking is necessary and no formal referral or assessment is required.

Who works on this project? Arshed, Aziza and Azra supported by Lesly on a voluntary basis call 01132773330 to speak to a member of staff.

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