Better Together

What is the project purpose?
The project is commissioned to build community capacity, increase social capital, strengthen individual and community resilience through a community development approach. The overall aim of the service is to reduce health inequalities by primarily focusing on the wider determinants of health such as Employment, Housing, Social Isolation, Financial Inclusion etc. The secondary focus is promoting healthy lifestyles and protecting health, helping people to live healthier lifestyles and make improvements against the wider facts that affect health and wellbeing. Better Together's overarching aim is to help deliver the vision of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2016-2021) 'Leeds will be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest will improve their health the fastest'. Who can use this service?
Working with all ages but will focus primarily on 16+ in the South Leeds area. How can people access this service?
Just drop in to sessions or make an appointment for a one to one Who works on this project?
Shanaz Gul, Prachi Purandare and a pool of sessional staff and volunteers run the project, contact Hamara on 01132773330 and speak to member of the health team.

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