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Hamara in partnership with Ping! Leeds, Leeds City Council and Table Tennis England has become a ‘Bat and Chat’ Centre and is one of a number of neighbourhood networks delivering Bat and Chat.  Bat and Chat brings table tennis to the public with a focus on engaging older people and new users from the local community to play table tennis.  ‘Bat and Chat’ sessions are fun, accessible and free. IMG_2136

The Bat and Chat’ initiative looks to develop a sustainable platform for table tennis to be enjoyed across Leeds and will support the street festival ‘Ping Leeds’ this summer 2016.

Being active in body and mind is an important aspect of healthy ageing.  Naturally keeping up to activity levels can be difficult as we age but this does not mean we have to stop. It’s not easy overcoming these difficulties but finding the right activity that suits your mobility level and one that you enjoy is clearly a great starting point. Table tennis can just be that activity!

Table tennis can bring many benefits to an older person. Recent studies suggest older people gain confidence and control in their lives, and their social connections are widened. Table tennis offers numerous physical and mental health benefits such as:

  • Improved mobility
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Increased blood flow in the brain
  • Better co-ordination and upper body strength
  • Improved balance which builds confidence and reduces falls

These health benefits clearly fit with Leeds’ ambition to be The Best City to Grow Old in. Table tennis can encourage older people to not only work towards achieving moderate physical activity each day but importantly improves muscle strength, balance and co-ordination preventing the onset of conditions such as dementia.

Over 50’s For players 50+ years old. Friendly group session where players come on their own or with partners, everyone mixes and plays with each other. Great session to have fun and socialise alongside one another playing table tennis. Supported by trained Bat & Chat activators.


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