Another Talent Match Success Story

July 15, 2015 2 Comments »
Another Talent Match Success Story
Raymond* started on Talent Match at the end of December 2014 having been out of work for over 3 years and “spending my time using a computer console and doing little else.”  We identified the need for confidence building before starting to look for work.  Raymond therefore started this year with a 12 week personal development course delivered by Princes Trust designed to boost motivation and improve communication and teamwork skills. He has recently been successful in gaining employment through Talent Match with Groundwork, an environmental regeneration charity in Morley:
“The TEAM programme was a big part of my journey, helped me gain confidence and interact with others and gave me the basis of the person I needed to be to go out and get a job. Then things moved on at a steady pace – I didn’t have much luck to begin with then along came the Talent Match Jobs Fair which is where I found the Groundwork job.  In the meantime I’d gained part time employment with a cleaning firm which helped me prepare for work and gave me valuable experience I needed. That’s where I am now, just waiting for the Groundwork job to start. I’ll be a tutor support assistant working with 16-19 year olds helping them progress with their lives.  I’d recommend Talent Match at Hamara because the staff are friendly and welcoming, and my Key Worker’s been a great help to me.”
*pseudonym used to protect identity


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